The Madness Of Migraines: How Massage Therapy May Help You Manage Your Way Out Of The Misery

Migraines are a terrible affliction, but despite being so difficult to live with, medical science hasn't been able to solve much of the mystery behind them, leaving people to somehow battle through the pain. One remedy, for many, may come in the form of a specialized massage, customized to the probable regions and reasons of the individual. For that and other reasons, this enjoyable, drug-free treatment could help you manage the misery of your migraines.

Massage Can Lower The Number Of Migraines You Experience

If you're enduring regular, consecutive migraines, it can be difficult to get out of bed and feed yourself, much less make it through a day of work. Important medical research indicates that regular sessions with a talented massage therapist may actually lower the number of migraines you have to go through. Even a few less every month could mean a much higher quality of life, especially if your pain inhibits your ability to work, get healthy exercise, and enjoy the people around you.

It Can Also Minimize The Pain You Feel

Both in the moment and for a while thereafter, massage therapy reduces the amount of pain you're in, providing near-instantaneous relief. It's also effective on different types of migraines, so it's important to tell the massage therapist exactly what kind of pain you're feeling. Your neck, shoulders, jaw, and back muscles may all contribute to the pain, but a therapist knows how to counteract that tension with a neuromuscular massage, which squarely targets the culpable muscles. This is soft tissue manipulation that aims to reduce the tension at the various trigger points that may lead to your serious migraines.

Massage Therapy Helps Migraine Sufferers Sleep Better

When you can finally manage your migraines, even to a small degree, you should be able to sleep better, which is an all-around relief. With a decent night's sleep, your whole day should go better, including possibly staving off more excruciating headaches.

This Treatment Can Come To You

If your migraines are so severe you sometimes find it too painful to leave your home, ask a massage therapist to come to you. Many keep portable (massage) tables on hand, so they can make convenient house calls, while others operate strictly on a mobile basis. 

Other Non-Pharmaceutical Complimentary Treatments To Massage

Particularly if you prefer to not take strong medications or if you seemingly have tried them all to no avail, you'll appreciate more non-pharmaceutical ways in which you can help yourself feel better:

  • Gently stretch your neck, shoulder, and back muscles, especially before bed and after waking
  • Whenever possible, avoid loud and intrusive noises
  • Ask your physician about any vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you may be lacking, such as B-Complex and magnesium 
  • Learn quick and easy relaxation techniques you can do at home, the office, and other places
  • Keep a journal regarding what therapies do and don't work

While migraines are, unfortunately, a common ailment, effective treatment is often elusive on an individual basis, even for those who opt for strong painkillers; thus, you may need to employ a trial-and-error methodology before you discover what works for you.

Hopefully, a massage service can do something for your migraines, leading to a more fulfilling, more enjoyable, and less painful life. Be sure and apprise your doctor of the progress you make and how else this therapy helps, to bring together the team of medical professionals leading the way toward ridding the world of migraines, one grateful patient at a time.