Getting Your First Professional Massage? 5 Things You Need To Know

A professional massage can be a great way to treat your body right. A professional massage can help relax your muscles and can help your body heal. You can use professional massages to heal after an auto accident, sports accident, or just to take care of regular aches and pains. Here are a few things that you need to know about what a professional massage experience is like:

You Undress to Your Level of Comfort

Your massage therapist will show you to the massage room, and then leave you alone so that you can get comfortable and undress to your level of comfort. How little or how much you undress is up to you. Keep in mind that it is easier to massage your muscles if your massage therapist has direct contact with your skin, but it is not necessary.

Some individuals like to get completely undressed for a massage. Others like to keep their undergarments on but take the rest of their clothing off. You can take off all your clothing, leave on just your undergarments, or keep on your shirt and undergarments. Whatever feels comfortable to you. You will be able to undress privately and get comfortable on the massage table.

You are Covered Up During the Massage

Although you may be undressed during the massage, you are going to be covered up. Massage therapists will drape either a blanket or a sheet over your body during the massage sessions to help keep you warm and to protect your privacy. They will drape and move the sheet or blanket around as they work on your body.

You Need to Communicate What You Want

If you have a really big knot in your back, or if your leg muscles are really tight, be sure to let the massage therapist know at the start of your massage so that they can budget more time for that particular area of your body.

If you have any injuries that the massage therapist needs to be aware of, be sure to let them know this at the start of your sessions as well, so they can work around your injury or with your injury and determine how to manage their time.

As your massage therapist is working on your body, feel free to give feedback if you want the therapist to use less or more pressure. Your massage therapist will find such feedback helpful.

You May Want to Bring Some Cash to Tip

It is common in the massage therapy business to tip your massage therapist, especially if your massage therapist is not an independent therapist at their own office, but instead works at a spa or other organization.

Tip your massage therapist like you would a server at a restaurant, anywhere from ten to twenty percent of the cost of your massage.

You Will Have Some Time to Relax

At the end of the massage, your massage therapist will give you a little time to relax. You may be able to just lay on the massage table for a few minutes and relax before getting up and getting dressed. After you are dressed, then you can pay.

If you are unsure about anything during your massage, just ask your massage therapist. This is their profession, and they are there to help you and ensure that you have a positive experience