How To Help Your Child Prepare For An Acupuncture Appointment

If you have a child that suffer frequent headaches or inflammation, you might go to the doctor many times in order to find a treatment. If several treatments don't work out, you might seek other ways to help relieve your child from his or her pain. One option that might be recommended to you is to have your child get acupuncture. This can be effective for many children who suffer from frequent headaches and inflammation because it can help open up the fluid channels and allow for better circulation. Acupuncture can be scary for a child. Here are some tips for helping your child prepare for his or her first acupuncture appointment.

1. Describe the Process as Tap, Rather Than Pokes or Pricks

Many children do not like needles and going to an acupuncturist could seem like a worst nightmare come true. You can help alleviate your child's worries by simply changing the words that you use to describe the procedure. If you avoid words that are commonly associated with needles, such as poke or prick, you can help reduce the general sense of fear around the procedure. 

Instead, describe the process as taps. Acupuncturists that work with children are going to use a lot of gentle, frequent tapping to prepare the area where they are going to insert a pin next. This helps disguise the entry of the needle and relaxes a child. If you use taps to describe the process, you will not be lying to your child because much more of the process is going to consist of the acupuncturist tapping your child, rather than inserting pins.

If your child is very young, the needles will be inserted and then removed immediately, adding to the accuracy of describing the process as taps.

2. Explain What's Going On

Children are more likely to calm down if they feel as though they know exactly what's going on. You can help give your child this sense of understanding by telling him or her exactly why acupuncture is going to help them and what's going to happen at the appointment. 

3. Encourage Your Child to Try It, But If He Or She Doesn't Want To, Don't Push

Encourage your child to try giving acupuncture a shot by offering rewards for the simple act of attempting to sit through the sessions. However, if your child is strongly resistant to the idea, don't push him or her. Contact the acupuncturist to see if he or she offers any other processes that give similar results but don't involve needles and take your child to an appointment for that instead. Offer the chance for your child to try acupuncture every time you go to the office. Eventually, your child might feel comfortable enough with the acupuncturist to give it a shot.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in acupuncture.